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from Bartók to contemporary dance: music and movement



a project of creative exploration of Erik Satie's work


Isvor. Constantin Brâncuși

a reconstruction – visual and sound – of Brâncuși's world


Isvor. George Enescu

Romanian Rhapsody vs. traditional music and urban folklore


Isvor. Dimitrie Cantemir

The book of the music science and traditional Romanian music


traditional music / contemporary approach

Imago Mundi addresses an dinamic audience, that seeks alternatives to commercial music. The perspective from which musical discourse is constructed is the one of contemporary man, who is not exposing pieces in a museum, but playing a music that lives; it is the perspective of a man influenced by urban experience, listening to jazz, rock, classical and electronic music alike, but who feels the joy of music always motivated by what he feels, and not by what is “trendy”.



Starting with 2010, Imago Mundi concentrates on early and traditional romanian music, creatively researching a repertoire which is rarely approached in contemporary music, through albums dedicated to great personalities of romanian and universal culture, such as: Dimitrie Cantemir, George Enescu, Constantin Brâncuși, Erik Satie, Béla Bartók.


With a rich experience accumulated over the 22 years of existence, enthusiastically welcomed in Belgrade, Berlin, Bratislava, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Istanbul, London, New York, Riga, Tunis or Vienna, the Imago Mundi ensemble is composed of 7 artists: Adrian Buciu – flutes; Oana Ivașcu – oboe; Ștefan Barbu – violin; Andreea Ţimiraș – cello; Cătălin Ștefănescu-Pătrașcu – kobsa, guitar; Daniel Ivașcu – percussion; Cristian Stănoiu – live video projections.


guest artists

Being specific to electronic music performance, our live video projections (featuring original video content, mixed live) have the same concept behind as Imago Mundi music does – contemporary interventions on a background full of history and traditions.

The musical compositions are complemented by interdisciplinary video productions – with contemporary dance by Andreea Belu / Eugen Curelici and mountain landscapes, signed by Florin Ghenade and Irinel Cîrlănaru.



The “Seasons” project brings together two valuable composers, representatives of different generations: Cătălin Ștefănescu-Pătrașcu, Doctor of Music, university lecturer at the Guitar Chair / Department of Orchestral Instruments, National University of Music in Bucharest (UNMB); and Andrei Petrache, UNMB graduate majoring in Classical Composition, currently a master’s student in the same major. The two worked together to create eclectic compositions dedicated to the seasons, which two musical groups (Imago Mundi ensemble and Andrei Petrache Trio) translated into a collaborative digital album, fusion (classical composition, contemporary jazz and electronic music).


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