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Known to the public for his project dedicated to the secular trees in Romania, entitled “Old Trees”, Florin Ghenade traveled for 6 years through the country photographing and filming the secular trees: he documented them in the dark, in their natural landscape, and in the light he met the community of around them. The “Old Trees” project brings together in images an extraordinary natural and cultural heritage.

“Let’s love Romania!” is Irinel Cîrlănaru‘s proposal to discover and promote more or less known places, cities, monuments or geographical regions, objectives from Romania included in the UNESCO universal material heritage: the monasteries in Moldova, the Dacian fortresses in the mountains of Orăștiei, the villages with fortified churches in Transylvania, the fortress of Sighisoara, the Horezu monastery, the wooden churches of Maramureș, the Danube Delta, the secular and virgin beech forests of the Carpathians and other regions.

Andreea Belu is a contemporary dance choreographer and performer, her activity being driven by the interest in educating individual and bodily consciousness, developing the body’s intelligence by preparing it for the great diversity of movement schemes. Movement, dance and theater are, for her, a direct and honest way to reach people.

Eugen Curelici‘s artistic motivation is mainly based on the search for greater versatility of his art, experimenting with new ways of expression. He is also convinced that the fusion between street dance, contemporary dance and visual art will provide him with a continuous source of inspiration in the future.