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DANSate” – ISVOR Cultural Association, 2022

01. Rock / The Stick Dance
02. Doina and Dance (Girdle Dance)
03. On the Spot
04. Suite
05. Turned Geampara (Buciumeana)
06. A Dream (Romanian Poarga)
07. Dances (The Little One)
08. Horinca & bourbon

Compositions and arrangements: Cătălin Ștefănescu-Pătrașcu

The DANSate album explores the collection of Romanian music collected by Béla Bartók, one of Europe’s most valuable composers and ethnomusicologists.

Themes such as “The Stick Dance”, “Girdle Dance”, “On The Spot”, “Buciumeana”, “Romanian Poarga” or “The Little One” have become the new sound journey through Transylvania, which Imago Mundi invites you to travel together.

Imago Mundi:
Adrian Buciuflutes
Oana Ivașcuoboe
Cătălin Ştefănescu-Pătrașcuguitar, electric guitar
Ştefan Barbuviolin
Andreea Țimirașcello
Daniel Ivaşcuframe drum, cajon